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* We are recording again

It's time for us to get more music available for you to take home. So we are recording a handful of songs to start.

We plan to get new recordings of songs out to you more frequently. Then when we have enough, we may put out some limited run CDs or even vinyl. We'll see. Let us know what you'd like.

* Festivals and Venues

Where do you want to hear us play? Let us know what festivals and venues you would like to see us perform at.

Send us a note with the name of the festival or venue. Please, include the city, state, and a URL, if you can. It will make it easier for us to pursue. Just use our fan page to drop us a line.

Blending the musical and the mystical

Tuatha plays a psychedelic collage of trance dance, world groove, and tribal fusion rock that transports the listener on a visually evocative musical pilgrimage to indigenous lands, shamanic visions, and the realms of the spirits. All original compositions on an electro-acoustic blend of violin, flute, vocals, drums, and percussion inspired by African, Middle Eastern, Indian, Eastern European and Gypsy sounds, mixed together to energize your spirit, move your body, spark your imagination, and elevate your soul.

"Most interesting and impressive was the atmosphere Tuatha conjured up on that stage... They changed the very air in Hodi's for their 30-minute set with their music... One could recall the influence of Caribbean nights, maritime passages, and various Venetian gypsy markets all packed in a short 30 minutes." - Chris Galis, Scene Magazine